Luxurious Basement Conversions London

At New Smart Living, one of our most popular services, is our luxurious basement conversions in London. A large number of properties in the London area have basements, as their are a convenient, extra space for the person living in the property. Unfortunately a large percentage of basements in London are not being used properly or even at all. There are many ways that you can convert your basement into a living space that you will absolutely love. Maybe you’ve always wanted an entertainment room, or you would like a home-office. Basements are absolutely perfect for these types of room, but are often overlooked in their potential. Think about how nice it would be to have a whole extra room in your home that can be whatever you want it to be. Having a basement to convert is a luxury that the majority of homeowners do not have, and you should think long and hard about what you want to convert you basement into. We have had customers converting basements into full kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, pretty much anything you could want. A basement is such a great space that you should make use of, and once you do you will wonder why you didn’t jump at the opportunity sooner. 

As with any type of conversion of refurbishment, a basement conversion can be quite a significant investment for people with an average income. This is why we offer luxurious basement conversions in London that won’t empty your pockets. Usually people question whether a basement conversion is worth the investment that they will have to make as they think it will be incredibly expensive. The truth is that a lot of basement conversion companies in London grossly overcharge customers for their service. With New Smart Living, our luxurious basement conversions in London will worth the investment multiple times over. Usually with a conversion or refurbishment service, the price will largely depend on the area of your property, the more valuable the properties are in the area, the higher the price of your conversion will likely be. We do take location into account, however we don’t use the fact that you are in London as an excuse to charge you more than we should. Of course location is not the only factor that affects the price a basement conversion. It really depends on what type of basement you have and what you want to do with it. For example if you want to convert a basement that is more like a living room and backs out onto a patio or garden, the prices of a conversion will likely be higher than the price of a small, basement with little headroom. If you want to convert a basement into a brand new kitchen, then you should expect to pay more, than just converting it into a simple bathroom. These are all factors that you should consider when deciding how you want to convert your London basement. You should also come up with an approximate budget for how much you want to spend, this will help you to decide what kind of company you are going to choose. We offer both luxurious basement conversions in London, and also luxury ones, just make sure you specify your approximate budget when you first contact us.

We are often asked whether planning permission is needed for a basement conversion in London. If you are simply converting an existing basement beneath your regular living are, into a habitable space, then you will typically not need planning permission as it will be covered by your home’s permitted development. However if you are going to be reducing the floor level in the basement so that you will have a higher ceiling, you may need planning permission as it could be considered an extension. If your conversion does require planning permission, do not stress out as you will be very likely to get approved from your local authority. Another common query is how long a basement conversion in London will take until it is completed. This is always a difficult question as each conversions is individual and unique. It is impossible to give an accurate figure in a post like this, and so if you are looking for a more accurate quote, make sure to give us a call and we will be able to give you a rough idea. One factor to consider as to why you should use New Smart Living is that we are professional interior designers that have a keen eye for basement conversions. We love working closely with the client so that the end result is something everyone is happy with. We are very flexible as to what the customer wants. We can either follow exact guidelines, or you can let us use our creativity and come up with designs for you to choose from, it is entirely up to you. We find that every basement conversion project is unique and so are always interested in what the client wants to do and how we can make it the nicest living space possible. It is tricky to find companies that will do luxurious basement conversions in London, as most interior refurbishment companies will charge absolute top prices for London properties. They do this because they think that they can ‘get away with it’, whereas we would feel wrong taking advantage of people. We simply ask you to pay us for the large amounts of work that we put in and the level of expertise and professionalism that we bring to the table as well. At New Smart Living we treat our customers like family so that the project goes smoothly and the process is enjoyable for both us and the customer, and everybody walks away happy once the project is completed. We want our customers to feel like they are getting great value for money, and with our obsession to over-deliver, this is often the case.

Getting a basement conversion is a big decision and is not one you should make with the snap of your fingers. We recommend that before you spend any money, you know exactly what the end product will be. This doesn’t mean that you have to have an idea of the design or the specific details, that is what we are for. However you should have an idea of what you want it turn out like, this way you can talk to a company like New Smart Living, and see if we are the right fit for your specific needs. One things that separates us from other businesses that offer luxurious basement conversions in London, is that we don’t just take on any customer. If we feel as though we are not right for the job then we will not accept, as we don’t want you to be dissatisfied with the end results. Luckily we have the skills and expertise to tackle pretty much anything a customer throws at us, so we very rarely will have to down anybody down. We don’t just offer luxurious basement conversions in London, but also a whole host of other interior refurbishment services as well, for example we actually offer a full house refurbishment in London, which includes a basement conversion. Take a look at our portfolio of London properties that we have worked on and see if any of the designs stand out to you. We have many years doing luxurious basement conversions in London and we have really developed an expertise in this niche. You will be lucky to find another company in the London area that provide such a high quality service, for such an competitive price.

Affordable Basement Conversions London

An example of a Patio that a basement backs onto.

Affordable Basement Conversions London

Consider converting your basement into a bedroom.

Affordable Basement Conversions London

Basements can be converted into lovely living spaces

Here is an example of our work in Fulham, London

Affordable Basement Conversions London

Consider converted your Basement into a Kitchen

Affordable Basement Conversions London

Basements can be easily converted into living rooms,

Here is an example of our work in Wimbledon, London

Affordable Basement Conversions London

Turn your basement into a comfortable living room,

This is an example of our work in Wimbledon, London

Affordable Basement Conversions in London

An example of a basement conversion in London


The problem that most families find is which company to choose. Their are hundreds of companies that offer basement conversions in London, how can you make up your mind on who to choose? Well you really should think about your budget, because go over your budget is the last thing you want to do when doing a basement conversion. What most people like to do is pick an interior design company that fits their budget, and has great examples of the basement conversions that they have done. At New Smart Living, we proudly show off our portfolio of interior refurbishments and basement conversions in London, because we are proud of the fact that such high quality results can be performed for such low prices. We have built up a reputation for our affordable basement conversions in London and the high quality results that we deliver. Our customers are always shocked when we tell them the low price for the service, and feel as though we could very easily be charging higher prices. 


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