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There are a number benefits of getting a Loft Conversion in London.With New Smart Living you will be able to transform your attic into a beautiful, luxury living space. As soon as you have decided that you want to convert your loft you will likely go to Google straight away to find the best luxurious loft conversions company in London. There are so many loft conversions companies in London to choose from, it can be hard to make the right decision on who to use, in this article we lay out how a loft conversion can benefit you, and why you should consider New Smart Living to do the job for you.


Extra space
In many properties today the attic is essentially dead space. While you can use your garage, barn or cabinet to store things instead of climbing a ladder to the attic, the loft is an entire floor of empty space just waiting to be converted into something amazing. If your home is full or you would like to have another room, converting the loft into usable space can be incredibly worth it - especially when moving into a larger house is not an option. Some of the most popular Luxurious Loft Conversions in London are used to add another bathroom to the house. However you can convert your loft into anything you want, an additional bedroom, a games room, anything you want - we can do!


New rooms

Even if you do not need a new bedroom or bathroom, it may still be beneficial to have an loft conversion - as you can never have too many rooms!
This would allow you to transform your attic space into something luxurious, which you might not justify anywhere else in your home. Here you can choose a home gym here or even a cinema room where you and your family can sit on a big couch and enjoy your own movie nights.Another popular option is to use the attic as a guest room for any visitors you may have. If you have children, you may notice that they love controlling all of the rooms in the house, and it can be hard to sit down and relax in a comfortable, luxurious place - which is why an luxurious loft conversion in London might be perfect for you. You could also add another bathroom to the house, which can add a lot of convenience to families in mornings and evenings, it also may be preferable to guests, as it offers them a degree of privacy. Alternatively, you can use the extra space as a home office, which can be useful to the whole family. While you can get extra office work done in the evenings or weekends, your children can use it as a quiet space for studying.


Affordable Loft Conversions London



Outdoor space
Something that you may not have considered is the outside potential offered by the loft. If you only have a small garden, you can talk to expert experts about the possibility of having a balcony or terrace. Remember, the higher your house, the better the views get, as the view is uninterrupted by other nearby homes. A balcony or terrace is an example of a luxury loft conversion, and can be a really peaceful spot for you to chill out and relax. You can install a number of double doors that allow you to walk directly to the balcony - and you can also contact metal workers to create a custom-made surround for the terrace so that you are safe when you use it. Even if a balcony is not an option, it is worthwhile consulting experts to see how to make the most of these views, which means that you want to choose large double windows instead of traditional skylights.


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Added value
The only thing that can put people off from the excitement of loft conversions in London is the price. People often associate 'luxury' with 'expensive' and this makes sense because luxury products/services are top quality and should cost more than the average one. However there is a difference between a high price and a high cost. The high price simply implies that you will pay a large sum of money and in return get a top quality product - This is what a Luxury Loft Conversion is. Unfortunately people too often associate a Luxurious Loft Conversion in London with an expense that they will never make back. In fact quite the contrary is true. Taking into consideration the benefits, joy and pleasure you will get out of having such a beautiful loft, the value of your home will also likely increase by more than what you paid for the loft conversion. This is a very attractive benefit to most people as you can have a fantastic, luxurious additional living space in your home for you to enjoy, and make money from it at the same time. There is no question that if you can sell your home with an additional room, it will go for a much higher price. Even if you have no intention of selling your house, your home equity will become more valuable. 


Who does not like to have a spacious house? Does every person in the world have it? The answer should be in the negative. However, you should always have the capacity to make the optimum use of the available space in your existing house. You would be surprised to know that there can be ample space waiting to be utilized in your home. We are referring to the beautiful houses in London that have lofts. A lot of people feel that lofts are places to store their junk items. This homeowners dwell on converting these lofts into luxury living spaces.


Naturally you might have a question about the need for converting your loft into a residential space. In the normal circumstances, the loft area is just an empty space that people can use to store excess furniture or other items. However, there are beautiful alternatives available to you where you can convert these lofts into recreational areas. 


Making optimum use of the available space in the house is a conceivable idea. People are becoming more open to the idea of having a Luxurious loft conversion in London. There is a change in the mindset of the people. They appreciate the conversion of the loft into a small private area where they can just wind up after a hard day at the office. You get a great sense of privacy as well. Setting up a cozy bedroom in the loft is a wonderful idea. It is easy to air-condition the area because of the smaller volume. It can give you great respite and a feeling of extreme privacy.



Having a bedroom in the loft is one idea. Converting the loft into a sort of a recreation club is another viable one. As your children grow up, they need more space to play. They have their own set of friends. The loft should be the perfect place to set up a recreation room. This could be a wonderful place for friends to sit and have a nice chat. Children would also naturally love to have this sense of privacy. Some lofts do have extensions that can lead to an open terrace. It is truly a wonderful idea to have these affordable loft conversions in London.


Luxurious Loft Conversions London


Luxury Loft Extension Ideas. There are many loft extensions ideas that can be taken from Internet. They usually offer a vast range of designs to convert the spaces beautifully into specialized categories. Like boys room, girl’s attic rooms, office spaces, eaves conversions, etc. You can always let your creative mind design the luxury loft for yourself.

-Potential Space
This comes foremost in the list of its usefulness. A lot of potential space gets created within the property. An estimation of almost 30% increase in space occurs with luxury loft conversions.

-Value of property
Since, you are increasing the living space by a quarter at least, it increases the value of your property to almost 20% or more. Making a loft conversion, adds an increase amount of return on the investment of property developers.

-Storage space
If you are planning to do loft conversion for a storage room, it builds up a space for storing items. You can easily drag all your extra materials into the storage attic.


We can add new creative designs to our spaces. They can be turned into unique lofts like a playroom or a cinema. You can definitely have your personal gym too. Luxurious Loft conversions and Luxurious loft extensions in London has benefited a lot of people. Many companies provide this service and they will help you with all the paperwork as well. This is the best way to add beauty and more purpose to your home along with adding more value to your property. No need of changing the home for the sake of a larger home. You can easily add up the space in your existing homes. It saves you from all the scuffle of shifting things.

Affordable Loft Conversions in London

Office space in the heart of London city could be very expensive. A better idea is to convert your loft in the house as an office. You save space as well as a lot of money in the bargain. It is as good as working from home. Having a siesta is always a great advantage when you have an office in your house. In addition, you can save a huge amount of time commuting to your place of business. This conversion of the loft into an office space is very useful for professionals such as lawyers, chartered accountants, consultants, etc. These are people who need their own office space and a bit of privacy at the same time. Getting an affordable loft conversion in London is the perfect solution.


Affordable Loft Conversions in London

Loft conversion is simply an attic conversion. It means to convert an empty space in to something functional like a bedroom, gym or an office etc. The affordable loft conversion in London is a very popular idea to improve homes. But this demands some skill and effort to be done right. So to avoid the fatigue associated with it, many people like hire companies that offer affordable loft conversion and luxury loft extensions in London. These companies have the right expertise for the job and can deliver according to your expectations. A subtype of loft conversion is in which the non-residential areas like farmhouses, warehouses are converted into a residential setting. This got the origins from United States where many industrialists used to turn the top stories of their industries into lofts for living. Loft conversion is a very useful idea. It allows you to express you ideas and creative mind and let your unused spaces be of some use adding beauty to your homes. Types of luxury loft conversions in London. There are many types of loft conversions. Each has its own benefits attached to it.


Roof Window
Roof windows conversion is a good option for the homeowners since it eliminates the struggle of building a concrete roof. It has some of its inherent benefits as well. It makes the living room looks more spacious and is a source of bright sunshine to enter the loft. Getting permission from the development authorities of London can enable this to be done.

Dormer is the installation of windows in the roof structure. It also requires permission from development authorities. It has the advantages of providing spacious headroom along with a staircase access.

Hip to Gable
This is a type of loft conversion has a hipped roof along with a slopping side. For this you need to extend the property on the slopping edge with a gable at the end and filling the space in between.

The Mansard requires a great deal of construction work. Though, it adds the benefit of a great living space. It is an extension throughout the plane of the roof. The edging slope of roof is turned as a flat end, adding space in between.

Pre-requisites for loft conversion
There are certain things that you should take note of before going for any luxury loft conversion or extension. Find out the correct dimensions of the space and check if it is feasible for conversion or not. There should be an ample space beneath the ridge of the roof. At least 2.3 meters is required for adequate headroom. There shouldn’t be any signs of rainwater tipping form your roof. In that case you have to go for its repairs. The repairs are usually started along with the process of loft conversion.


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