Renovation Company in Enfield

Renovation Company in Enfield

Once a upon a time, Enfield used to be comprised of small communities which were spread throughout the royal hunting grounds of Enfield Chase. At the time of the Domesday Book the area was spelt ‘Enefelde’, Enfield was the location of some of the earliest successful hothouses, developed by Dr Robert Uvedale, headmaster of both Enfield Grammar School and the Palace School. A market is still operated in this area, which is owned by the parish charity. Its name most likely came from Anglo-Saxon Ēanafeld or similar, meaning “open land belonging to a man called Ēana” or “open land for lambs”.

And right in this cozy town of Enfield, our company New Smart Living is based. We have been a local Enfield Renovation Company for years, because of the very background of our designers, we have made ourselves as a precise design driven company. It is our firm belief that Home Design is the most important part of planning any renovation project. In saying that, we have compiled some of the best in-house designers in the business, using creative ideas and concepts to come up with beautiful home renovations in Enfield. This takes away any guess work or confusion and allows our construction team and trades the ability to clearly see what they will eventually build.

We have been building and renovating for many years, one of the very things that make us the best renovation company in Enfield is that we know that hiring great people and working with quality trades and suppliers is the key to a successful client experience and the ability to produce quality product. We only hire qualified trades and suppliers that can produce the standard we expect. As a quality control measure, we ask for feedback from our clients, we listen and make changes quickly if required. We are constantly trying to stay as the leader in the way the renovation business is run.

Renovation Company in Enfield

We promise you; with our team, you will experience a group of the most passionate and understanding professionals in the industry, and they will help guide you through your most important investment – your home renovation. And it is this very promise that makes us the best home renovation company in Enfield.

So, you decided to renovate the house? Good decision, but before you pick up the tools and get to work, let me tell you something about getting the right type of equipment first. Everybody knows that when you have to build something, in any space, you have to take measurements first, there are no ifs and buts, you just have to, otherwise you mess up whatever it is you’re doing, and then you make an estimate, of all the cost of the materials required, and the time needed; we do all of this, because it keeps your organized and saves up time.

There might be times when you need new tools and equipment when you try renovations on your own, our advice is let us do everything for you while you sit back and relax and just have a good time because we bring our own professional tools and equipment so you won’t need to worry about anything at all. Furthermore, we go and research your house, its strengths and weaknesses to get a better idea of which equipment will work better and which will yield the best results guaranteed for your satisfaction. But don’t just take our word for it, take a look at what reviews our customers have given us, and will give you an idea how does this company performs. Thus when we get to work and finally finish, your home will be exactly as you’ve wanted. Simple! It’s this fantastic reputation that has let us become the best renovation company in Enfield.

The kitchen—a place where people wake up with their morning coffee, where kids do their homework, where the dog waits to be let out, where everyone ends up during parties. We believe that a room that is so important to your life that it deserves special treatment, after all when it goes through so much happiness and so many memories when it’s ready for an update. That’s why we offers great kitchen remodeling services for any budget. We offer you a 100% free in-home consultation during which we discuss all your options, and you get your own project manager to handle all the details from start to finish. Countertops, cabinets, flooring, hardware and accessories all come together to create a kitchen where you can live your life.

Your city apartment was more than comfortable for you when you were alone, and it was cozy when your missus moved in, but now with the little one on the way, it seems a bit cramped, and you want a bigger place, in a nice community. You did some research; you found a good place, in the suburb on the outskirts of town. Excited, you and your wife head over to take a look, its not in the best shape, but it’ll do, it needs renovation; you’ll need new floor boards, re-paint all the rooms, have to rearrange the kitchen, and add in a garage, it’s a lot of work but the place is great. You bargain with the real estate people and manage to get it get it pretty cheap, perfect! Because now you have some money left over, and now you will renovate it, that’s good because you can now rebuild your house custom made to your specifications, but who do you reach? Who will you contact to renovate your house?Being in business for many years, we’re the specialists in renovation, extensions and second story additions.

One of the most popular and expensive rooms to remodel or renovate is the bathroom, that is mainly due to water pipes and sewage connections. A bathroom is arguably quite similar to a kitchen, a solid, clean, and elegant bathroom can be the difference between a home that is being sold or staying on the market for extended period of time, like years.

In addition to this, many homeowner look for rooms that don’t require a large amount of work when remodeling and many times bathrooms a perfect candidate. Plus a bathroom that has been remodeled and renovated to look more elegant and presentable can exponentially increase the value (and resale value) of a home making it a great value from the homeowners perspective.

Also one of the most common home improvement projects is of the bathroom. It is an easy and cost-efficient way to increase the appeal of your home. We offer bathroom remodeling services for any budget, whether you’re looking to save a few bucks and get the best look possible, or your range dictates a bit more of elegance, we’ve got you covered. Complete your bathroom remodel with our brand new bathroom flooring options, some new countertops, vanities, sinks and tubs.

Do you want to bring warmth and character to your kitchen? Then you might do good with a cabinet replacement or resurfacing. Here at New Smart Living we understand every home has a different style and every customer has a different preference. We offer a lot of options in order to help you find the best kitchen cabinet for your home. One of the hardest projects for a homeowner is remodeling the kitchen. The kitchen has become a major part of the modern household. No longer does it serve just one purpose, to prepare food, but a variety of different functions. Make sure your kitchen offers the following traits below before embarking on a remodeling project: Function Efficiency Style Longevity Check out the whole kitchen remodel… There’s nothing better than a well-designed kitchen. Kitchen renovations are the second most popular home improvement project, and 69% of homeowners have already remodeled their kitchens. Over the last five years, nearly 4 in every 10 dollars spent on home improvement have gone into kitchens. In addition, kitchen renovation and design can improve the value of your home. Even minor kitchen remodel…

If you desire a complete or comprehensive cabinet replacement project, then it may be part of a larger kitchen remodel including some layout changes, like counters and other new upgrades with countertops, flooring, appliances and lighting. We provide an a wide range of specialty cabinet doors and hardware with a whole array of color pallets for u to choose from, as the number 1 renovation company in Enfield, we can refurbish kitchens for great prices.


Examples of our Renovation in Enfield

Renovation Company in Enfield

Renovation Company in Enfield

When someone installs a new countertops in their kitchen or bathroom, they suddenly create a more inviting and inspiring space in their home. We provide quality countertop materials and installation service. Our solid surface, granite and quartz countertop materials come in a variety of colors and edge options. We have specialized countertop technicians and proper architects and installers to protect the surrounding areas carefully and avoiding any unnecessary or dangerous collisions, they properly complete the job and clean up the work area so you can enjoy the new look of your kitchen or bathroom, which is the reason we are known as the renovation company in Enfield that has the happiest customers.
According to an average calculation, a standard roof lasts somewhere between 20 to 25 years. But there are several reasons why a roof can need replacement much sooner for several reasons, including hail damage, poor attic ventilation, low-quality roofing materials or poor roof installation.
When you are performing a roof maintenance check, do the following: - Using a binoculars try to get a close look at the roof. Check for shingles that might be curled, cracked, distorted, buckled or missing. - Check gutters and the ground below downspouts for gritty granules worn from the surface of shingles. Shingles that have lost their protective granular coating deteriorate quickly. - Look inside your attic and check for any rays of daylight coming through the roof - These are tips that the average renovation company in Enfield simply would not be able to give you.

renovation company in Enfield

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You might be happy with your current kitchen layout but perhaps you are still looking for an updated modern style, that is why cabinet refacing is a
great option. This is a much simpler upgrade as compared to others to improve the existing look and value of your kitchen with almost no cost - These are the ideas we can provide as a renovation company in Enfield with so much experience.

We have committed ourselves to chase your satisfaction.
Our new range of replacement windows are guaranteed in making your home more energy efficient by keeping heated air inside and cold air out. Replacement windows also make your home quieter by making use of high quality glass to reducing noise from the outside. In order to make your home more attractive and increase its value, replacing windows is a great option, this is just one of the services that we offer which makes us the top renovation company in Enfield.

We sell and install vinyl replacement windows in a variety of styles, including double-hung, casement, sliding, bay and more. We offer you three levels to make your decision much easier. You have the ability to choose from three levels of quality—good, better, best—to find the replacement windows that better suits your budget

If you see any of the above, call us to schedule an in-home consultation
If you choose us to replace your roof, a professional installer visits your home to determine the amount of roofing material needed, answer any questions you have and review the contract. The roofing materials are delivered directly to your house.